REVIEW ‘Tula Kalnnaar Nahi’ presents emotions mixed with humour

Presentation of Love stories of young lovers are favourite subjects of Marathi film makers. Stories of Break ups before and after marriage are also not new to Marathi film lovers. Looking at the latest trend, there are many cases of divorce pending before the court for decision. Latest released Marathi film ‘Tula Kalnnaar Nahi‘ is about a young well to do married couple Rahul and Anjali Mankame, which is on the verge of divorce.
So, in the beginning of the film, we notice the cold war happening between Rahul and Anjali blaming each other for every small happening, when both of them are at home together. They correspond through notes made on a piece of paper. Both of them are seen busy with their own professions. While Anjali is creative photographer in an ad agency, Rahul works for a real estate company. When both are about to file their divorce, they leave for Goa, for their respective individual work. In a typical Bollywood film style, Rahul leaves in his own car, but on the way, a private car driver requests Rahul to drop his client, due to breakdown of his vehicle. And, the client is none other than Anjali. After, a tussle, Rahul agrees to take Anjali along with him, as Anjali still claims her right, being his wife.

On reaching Goa, the film ‘Tula Kalnnaar Nahi‘ takes a new turn, with a new girl Meneka joining Rahul on return journey, at the request of his Mumbai friend Sachin, who suggests him to try his new formula of ‘One Night Stand’. On seeing the new girl in Rahul’s life, Anjali also joins Rahul on return journey, claiming her right once again. But, this time Rahul has to reach Mumbai via Nagpur, where he wants to finish his work. So, the audience is taken for a ride with their road journey Goa to Mumbai via Nagpur. At this stage of screenplay, we find director Swapna Waghmare Joshi turning the film filled with emotions, with a new twist in the story, with addition of few more artistes in special appearance. And, we wonder why the film’s name was not ‘Mumbai- Goa-Mumbai via Nagpur’. Finally, it is happy end towards the climax of the film.

Presentation part of ‘Tula Kalnnaar Nahi‘ film till interval is interesting with humor filled happenings. But, in post interval session, we find the director using a typical Bollywood formula of combining emotions mixed with humour. Both Subodh Bhave and Sonalee Kulkarni have performed their roles convincingly doing full justice to their respective characters. Fine support comes from Neetha Shetty Salvi through her glamorous role and Sushant Shelar as Rahul’s close friend Sachin. There are few other artistes in the form of Anuradha Rajadhyaksha, Uday Tikekar, Siddharth Chandekar, Rasika Sunil and others , who offer good support through their small roles. Music by Nilesh Moharir, Amitraj is satisfactory and goes well with the film’s story and so is the fine camera work by Prasad Bhende & Sandeep Dhumal, capturing especially the outdoor locations very artistically. Young lovers and adults will surely enjoy this film. No wonder, Mumbai’s PVR- Growell witnessed a full house show on Sunday. And, this is certainly a good news for Marathi film makers.

  • By Ulhas Shirke 

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