Dream Girl – Reviewing the movie & our relationships !

Catering to a generation that loves biophilic workplaces, self-plans their trips, likes to wake up to a day without reminders full of tick-mark items often drives to the multiplexes with an intention to sit through the screen for a multi-grain entertainer. A drama full of multiple emotions.

Ayushmann Khurrana’s #DreamGirl started with a recipe that seemed balanced. But as we sat through it, some of the ingredients seemed over-used resulting in a predictable taste and a dragged experience. I call it Ayushamann’s Dream Girl because the plot, the story, the narratives, the appearance and the emotions; everything is over-powered by his acting alone. Rest every character seemed to be supporting the main savour of the film – #Ayushmann.

He is seen attuning to circumstances and playing the roles that life throws at him during his educated-yet-unemployed phase. Right from walking the stage in a saffron saree, poised with finesse and astounding the ram-leela audience, to dancing mystically as radha in Krishna-leela, Ayushamann is the one to watch. Though he is seen more female than male in the movie; he is no less than the Krishna whose leelas steal the entire show away.

Driven by a strong message for the generations (yes, not just Gen Z but millenials too), Dream Girl stresses upon the reality of family photographs leaving their bequest to highly competitive selfies.

While we waited for the auditorium doors to open before the movie, none of the posters caught my attention because there was so much of live action happening right outside the theater. A young boy pleasing his mom with that perfect click for her insta status, a Gen Z girl balancing her cellphone for that perfect smile, and of course there were some pre-ordering their popcorn buckets too.

The message is for all of us. That in our world of virtual friendships, while digital likes represent the mutual give-and-take in friendship, our real connections are facing competition that’s no less than the speed of the new Jio Fibre. Where are those real family moments? Where’s that Sunday cooking for our extended families? Where are the family friends gone? Are we not clicking any family photographs?

In absence of these, the craving for that one friend who seems connected is just as relevant. And hence Dream Girl is no surprise. Said in a naïve comic style, the movie aims to bring us closer to our family. Share those real moments of joy. Else the Dream Girl is just a phone call away.

  • By Ruchi Adlakha Bhaumik 


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