Maharashtra Shahir Marathi Movie

Maharashtra Shahir, a Marathi biopic, sheds light on the life of Krushnarao Sable, also known as Shaheer Sable, who was a renowned folk singer, playwright, folk theatre artist, and actor. Born in a small village named Pasarni in 1923, Krushna’s passion for singing was discouraged by his mother, who wanted him to focus on academics instead. Despite facing resistance, Krushna continued to pursue his passion and succeeded in becoming a successful artist.

The film portrays the significant influence of Sane Guruji, a legendary teacher, social activist, and freedom fighter, on Krushna’s life. He encouraged Krushna to use his vocal skills to spread revolutionary messages to help India gain independence from the British. Krushna’s life took on a new meaning as he discovered his purpose.

On one of his tours, Krushna met Bhanumati, a young poet, and fell in love with her. They got married, and the film focuses on Krushna’s life after he moved to Mumbai.

Krushna’s life story is fascinating and inspiring, but it is not easy to capture all its aspects in a cinematic form. However, Maharashtra Shahir does an excellent job of portraying the iconic personality’s contributions to the land, making it a must-watch for those who are unfamiliar with his life and work.

Director: Kedar Shinde

Producers: Everest Entertainment and Kedaar Shinde Productions

Writers: Vasundhara Sable and Pratima Kulkarni

Cast: Ankush Chaudhari, Sana Kedar Shinde, Shubhangi Sadavarte, Ashwini Mahangade

Music: Ajay-Atul

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